Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What blog?

So I start a blog, write a few posts and then go 5 months without writing anything. Then I write 2 posts in one day and go another 3 months without posting. Why, you might ask? Several reasons - the most important being that I truly believe I lead an extremely boring life. No one cares about my lack of exercise, excessive sleeping, and overall uneventful existence. When I actually do something fun or exciting, I never have my camera ... and who reads blogs without pictures? So how can I fix this for my faithful readers (Suzy and Brittney). I have no clue. Any ideas? (And I know you both are thinking "Have a baby! You'll have plenty to write about!") ... cool your jets girls. We're not quite there yet.

(Quick aside - I just heard a car pull up in front of our house with some gangster shit blaring and heard a door shut 2 seconds later. Thinking I'm about to be robbed, (we live in an interesting part of town) I pick up my phone to call the police (no joke). Then I hear the key turn in the door and my sweet husband walks in singing "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne. If you don't know Christopher very well, he is quite possibly the whitest person I know, with the exception of the fact that he lived in Atlanta for 5 years, knows the words to every rap song, and practically worships Jeezy.)

So I seriously need ideas for our humble little blog. Thanks.


  1. hahahahahahah!!!!!! this is brilliant!!! i love you :)

    1. A day in the life... a detailed plot of your typical day
    2. your favorite products.. house hold.. beauty.. what do you use??
    3. top 10 songs to download
    4. my most favorite idea yet.. you teach FIRST GRADE. the best age for "kids say the darndest things" you need to keep a list of stuff they say and blog about it... i would LOVE it :)

  2. Personally...I would like some stories from the Waffle House :)