Saturday, July 30, 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

My sweet friend Brittney who you might know from here has finally announced she's pregnant!! She started a new blog here to share her pregnancy, which unfortunately hasn't been very pleasant so far. She's been such a little trooper all summer and hasn't had to miss too many cheerleading practices. Luckily she's feeling better and I hope the worst of her pregnancy is over! I can't wait to meet little baby Bolt sometime in February or March!!

You might also remember my sweet friend Suzy who is pregnant and expecting her baby sometime in October! She's had some difficulties with her pregnancy this summer, but is feeling better now and we just hope baby Yates hangs out for a little while longer before making his appearance.

So two of my very best friends are pregnant and due within 6 months of each other! I couldn't be more thrilled to meet these sweet little babies!!!

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